At Wome Deluxe Hotel, we intend to provide superior products and services to our guests. We give great value to our guests and their loyalty and privacy.

“Privacy Statement of Wome Deluxe Hotel” is prepared to provide information about how we use the personal data that we have gathered from you or about you either through this website or written and verbal communication between you and us.

The personal data that we have asked from you while registering you to our website at can be used to inform you about the changes on our website and the events that you might be interested in as well as to develop our website according to your preferences.

Our company requests some of your personal data (name, e-mail, etc.) from you through the forms and the website in order to provide a better service to you. These data, collected in our company’s computers in a secure environment, are used only by our company for periodical promotions, various campaign efforts, configuration of promotional activities specific for user profiles, and the “categorization” of member profiles to prevent submission of spam e-mails.

Sharing these data with us and participating in the e-mail submission list by being a member via shall require your request and approval.

In order to perform all of aforesaid operations and to stay in contact with you, the e-mail address that you have provided must be valid.

The data that we have collected are kept securely in our company’s data repository.

All rights of the website at the domain name of (hereinafter will be referred to in short as “Website”) belong to Ortadoğu Nak. İnş. Turz. İhr. Paz. A.Ş. (hereinafter will be referred to in short as “ORTADOĞU GROUP”). ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG shall not disclose the personal data submitted by users electronically through the Website to any third party for any purpose and scope other than those mentioned in this Privacy Policy, required by the employment procedure of human resources department or the agreements executed with its members and customers. Personal data collected through Human Resources works shall be used and stored within ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG. It is presumed that the personal data submitted by Customer/Applicant to ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG through the website are accurate. ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG cannot be held liable for damages arising out of inaccurate personal data.

The data collected within the computers of ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG are used by ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG only for human resources purposes as well as for periodical campaigns, configuration of special promotional activities based on customer profiles, and customer “categorization” efforts to prevent submission of spam e-mails. If the Customer/Applicant does not want to be notified of such promotions and notification e-mails, he/she can stop this activity by sending an e-mail to [email protected] and/or [email protected]. If necessary, personal data can also be used to contact with the user.

ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG may put links to other websites in its Website. ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG does not hold any responsibility regarding privacy practices and contents of websites, which are accessed through these links. Unless otherwise mentioned herein and except the below limited situations, ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG shall not disclose the user data to any third party and company, with whom it does not collaborate. Such limited situations are:

a. Compliance with the requirements of Laws, Statutory Decrees, Regulations, etc. that have been enacted by competent legal authorities and are currently effective;
b. Fulfillment and performance of the requirements of agreements executed by and between ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG and its customers;
c. Requests of authorized administrative or judicial authorities for information about users in order to execute an investigation or proceeding;
d. These are the cases in which it is required to provide information to protect the rights and security of users.

ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG undertakes to keep personal information as private and confidential, to assume this as a liability to keep secret, and to take all necessary measures and to pay necessary care in order to keep and maintain confidentiality and prevent that all or any part of confidential information is made public or used in an unauthorized manner or disclosed to any third party. In case confidential information are damaged or received by third parties as a result of attacks made to the Website and the system despite of taking all necessary information security measures, ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG shall not be held liable.

ORTADOĞU HOLDİNG may amend the provisions of this Privacy Policy unilaterally at any time by publishing such amendments on the Website. Such amended provisions of Privacy Policy shall become effective as of the date of their publication on the Website. This confidentiality agreement is an integral part of Terms of Use, published on the Website.


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