On one hand, the natural person and/or legal entity that will be referred to as Customer hereinafter and, on the other hand, GÜR GRUP İNŞAAT SAN. ve TİC. A.Ş. WOME DELUXE, residing at İncekum Tabiat Parkı No: 2 Avsallar/Alanya/Antalya/ TURKEY that will be referred to as Hotel hereinafter, all of which will be collectively referred to as Parties hereinafter, have executed this agreement with the following terms and conditions by taking into consideration that this agreement is an official offer; it includes all terms for provision of paid accommodation service; all of the following terms are binding for the parties and they are provided through the website, and they will not be amended by the customer:


1.1. The Hotel is liable to provide Hotel accommodation service (hereinafter referred to as ‘Service’) upon the Customer’s request under this agreement.

1.2. The Customer shall confirm by executing this agreement that they have been informed about the rules of accommodation at the hotel, reservation rules and tariffs.

1.3. The Hotel shall confirm the Customer’s request as of the execution of this agreement.


2.1. Reservation can be made either by calling the reservation phone number 444 83 30 or by completing the reservation form at

2.2. If the Customer wants to terminate or change their request, they may either call the Hotel’s Reservation Office at 444 83 30 or send an e-mail to [email protected] in order submit a request of change by stating the date of change.

2.3. If a guest wishes to terminate his request and recover balance amount of the rate following deduction, he has to cancel his reservation no later than 30 days ahead of accommodation date, (Article 4.1)

2.4. In case of the customer requests to make changes on reservation, must contact the hotel at latest 30 days prior to the date of service of the hotel. (Article 2.5)

2.5. Wome Deluxe Hotel reserves the right to apply a different price policy according to the market distinction that it has determined before. Booking change, date change, change of person count, and room type shall be made at the quota prices under the conditions of the day when it is requested.

2.6. The Customer hereby represents, agrees and undertakes that if they make/want to make a change in the reservation due to any reason during the special discount period, such reservation change request shall be accepted based on current prices applicable to the confirmation date of the request.

2.7. The discount for children shall be applied if they stay in the same room as their parents. When a reservation is being made, the age of child declared by the Customer shall be taken into consideration. If it is found by the authorized person during the reservation registration that the child’s age is different in the presented identity card, the necessary changes shall be applied to the reservation and any price difference arising out of such changes shall be paid by the Customer.


3.1. During the payments to be made by the Customer via credit card through online reservation system, the Customer shall enter their own credit card details.

3.2. The Customer shall be allowed to make the payment for reservation via credit card either as lump sum or in accordance with the installation options offered by contracted banks. If the Customer prefers to pay in installments, it shall be deemed that the Customer has agreed to pay the late interest arising out of installment options.

3.3. The Hotel agrees and represents that credit card details and the system, to which such details are provided, are protected by a special security system, which prevents details to be displayed or copied through any method. The Hotel shall not also compensate and be held liable for any losses arising out of disclosure of information, documents and secrets to third parties due to malware and any other similar software available in the Customer’s computer and the Customer’s negligence.

3.4. During the check-in, the Customer shall present the credit card, which it has used to make the payment for online reservation, to the hotel staff. The Customer shall be responsible for any loss / damage that may occur due to the Customer’s failure to fulfill such liabilities.

3.5. The Customer shall receive the invoice at the hotel.


4.1. If reservation is cancelled within 30 days or longer ahead of estimated check-in date, 5% of total accommodation amount collected will be deducted and whole of balance amount will be returned to bank account or debit card with which the guest made payment. The refund time of the payment will be notified by the hotel. If reservation is cancelled within 15 days or longer ahead of estimated check-in date, 40% of total accommodation amount will be deducted and whole of balance amount will be returned to bank account or debit card with which the guest made payment. In the event it is cancelled until 7 nights are left, 50% of total accommodation amount will be deducted and whole of balance amount will be returned to bank account or debit card with which the guest made payment. In the event cancellation request is made at 7 days or at a shorter time to check-in date, return of accommodation rate charged to the guest will not be possible; no Show will be applicable to entire amount.

4.2. Repayment in case of payments made via credit card during reservation will be made by re-deposit to the credit card with which payment was made.

4.3. In the event of reservation cancellation, in cases like force majeure; Acts of God, terror, insurrection and certifiable death (1 st and 2 nd degree next of kin), accident and disease (bill of health from a general hospital), the hotel will charge 10% No Show to a guest and refund the balance.

4.4. In case of payments with a credit card, the amount left after deduction of transaction fee and commission will be returned.


5.1. The Customer’s age and identity shall be checked during the check-in. Any expenses arising out of misrepresentation of the Customer shall be compensated by the Customer.

5.2. The Customer shall agree that regardless of its arrival time to the Hotel, it shall not be allowed to enter the room until 2 pm on the check-in date and, regardless of its departure time from the Hotel, it shall not be allowed to check-out after 11 am and it shall pay the price of any additional services to be provided after the check-out time.

5.3. The entire amount of accommodation fee shall be paid during the reservation.

5.4. Pets shall not be accepted by the hotel.

5.5. After the check-in if the Customer renounces to receive services due to any reason other than the Hotel’s failure to fulfill its accommodation liabilities, amounts that have already been paid shall not be refunded.


6.1. In case low quality service is provided to the Customer, the Customer shall notify the hotel representative in writing during the accommodation. Otherwise, the service provided by the Hotel shall be deemed as perfect and timely provided.

6.2.The Customer hereby agrees and undertakes that in case it violates any provision of this agreement, it shall pay all damages suffered by the Hotel due to such violation.

6.3.In case the guest acts and behaves in a manner so as to impair the Hotel’s order, the Hotel shall be entitled to request that the guest leave the hotel without refunding the payment.

6.4.Based on the decision of our Board of Directors, the visitors of our guests staying at our resort will not be allowed in the resort. A one-day usage fee will be charged to visitors approved by guests staying in our resort.

6.5.Cameras, camera phones, as well as electronic devices with camera or video features are not allowed in the women’s section. Legal action will be taken against guests failing to comply with these terms.

6.6.Dress code is applied in our facility as a concept. Necessary actions will be taken in cases that do not comply with the rules. There is a rule of wearing full and half hashem in common areas.


7.1. In case of events such as adverse weather conditions, strike-lockout, terrorist activities, military movements, flood, fire, etc., occurring, the Hotel may not continue to provide services. In such cases, visitors that have made a reservation and payment shall be refunded.

7.2. The Hotel reserves its right to replace any singer that will visit the hotel for festivals, new year, etc. based on any reason not related to the Hotel. (sickness of the singer, force majeure events, etc.).

7.3. The Central Courts of Istanbul are authorized to settle any dispute that may arise out of this agreement.


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